On 21 September 1975, the Royal Commission for Jubail and Yanbu (RCJY) was established as an autonomous organization of the Saudi Government. The Commission is governed by a Board of Directors and its Chairman reports to the Council of Ministers. The Chairmanís office in Riyadh formulates the policies and oversees them besides implementing the same through the two Directorate Generals, one each for the cities of Jubail and Yanbu.

The mandate of the RCJY is to implement the physical and social infrastructure required for the development of Jubail and Yanbu areas as industrial cities. Specifically, the RCJY mission is the following:

-To promote, assist, service and otherwise encourage the development of basic, downstream and light industries that would utilize the Kingdomís natural resources to produce value added products for local use and export;

-To plan, develop, construct, operate and maintain the various infrastructure and services needed for the above industries and for the people working in these industries;

-To encourage the use and enhancement of the skills and talents of the Saudi citizens in the above activities;

-To maintain a balance between industrial development and environmental safety that is compatible with sustainable development;

-To encourage the participation of local and foreign private investment;

-To work in liaison with other agencies such as Saudi Aramco, the Seaports Authority and others to facilitate the availability of feedstock and other services needed by the industries;

-To function as a City Manager responsible for the safety and security of the entire industrial area under its jurisdiction.

Pursuant to its Charter, the RCJY has developed and constructed a number of utility and other systems that provide the needed services to the industry and the community. Theseinclude the Seawater supply systems, the Potable and Waste Water systems, transport and telecommunication network, the community and other associated services. In the city of Yanbu, the RCJY generates and supplies electrical power in addition to the other services.

The overall development of Jubail and Yanbu accomplished with an investment of $20 billion has witnessed the creation of over 200 industries that have invested over $42 billion, providing employment for over 85.000 workers. The 157,000 residents of the two cities enjoy world class amenities and security.

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